Three Hottest eCommerce Products For 2019

You need 3 things to make a success out of your eCommerce efforts: motivation for success, formidable marketing skills and top selling products.

You already have a winner’s mindset, I know. You are continuously preparing for success, researching and learning.

However, the time to act is 2018. This is the year to experiment with an all new product line, put together new advertisements and market more than you ever done; simply put, the time to go all out is here and now. Everything that you have learnt over the last year should now be put to action.

We have put together a list of top ten trending business ideas you can consider selling in 2019, accompanied by a number of viable marketing suggestions, just to give you a head start.

2019’s Trending Products To Sell

1st Product: Shapewear

Sales in the shapewear market segment are anticipated to grow to about 5.6 billion USD by the year 2022. The transition to everyday wear for what started as an undergarment is nearly complete. Bodysuits, which assist in the creation of a slimming silhouette, are now being stocked by retailers in the fashion industry. Though shapewear continues to be in demand, where it started, within the lingerie industry, the shapewear niche offers female buyers a variety of options in terms of styles that can be adorned as a top or beneath clothing with different cuts.

This product offers retailers a lot of versatility, making it a worthwhile consideration for retailers: you will be able to find shapewear in an array of sizes, styles and colors to match the varied needs of your customers whether you want to add such a category in a general apparel store, sell women’s fashion or lingerie.

2nd Product: Accessories

For years the phone accessories market segment has been growing exponentially. The industry is expected to reach a market capitalization of 107.3 billion USD by the year 2022. Popular accessories include screen protectors, phone cases, chargers, grips, earphones and repair kits.

One of the most efficient ways to start a business in this niche is to use the Orberlo app for dropshipping. It enables you to offer a huge variety of products for sale without having to spend a dime on inventory, especially considering the fact that there are so many products you can sell. When consumers purchase products from your shop, that’s when you are required to pay for goods. Like fitness, home décor and fashion, the phone accessories niche has all the markers of being evergreen.

On visual social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook phone accessories such as grips and cases work exceptionally well. One of the greatest ways of making your first sale when dealing in such products is to be active and run ads on these platforms. You will need to use Google AdWords or a deliberate keyword strategy to drive sales of search based products such as chargers, repair kits and screen protectors.

3rd Product: Mosquito Traps


If you are not living under a rock you definitely need a mosquito trap when it comes to summer. That is why the traps are an every-year bestseller although they are a seasonal product. Amazon is full of those mosquito traps but as it seems there is lot of space for new suppliers. Best selling option for mosquito traps is the propane mosquito trap. You can find more information and a detailed review of mosquito traps here:

4th Product: Perfect Smile Veneers

This product is a no seasoner and is selling like hell right now as anyone and their dog was pushing it through social media. Perfect Smile veneers review by are meant for people who can not afford to buy new teeth or to repare them and are looking to have a great smile. The smile veneers are a short tearm option and will not lest forever – if you are looking to sell a long term option than you should look after a different option like Smile Direct Club.

Get more information in the video below:





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