Palm Reader Review – SMS Uprising, eBook Online Business and The Mobile Activism In Africa

Palm Reader Free Book Review – SMS Uprising, eBook Online Business and Activism in Africa


Authors: Nathan Eagle, Ken Banks, Redante Asuncion-Reed, Anil Naidoo, Amanda Atwood, Christiana Charles-Iyoha, Becky Faith, Joshua Goldstein, Christian Kreutz, Tanya Notley, Juliana Rotich, Berna Twanza Ngolobe, Bukeni Waruzi

Subject: SMS Uprising ebook gives an overview of the use of mobile technology for development and empowerment in Africa. In Additional it also gives some tips for writing eBooks, because mobile technology and Internet Access is enough to start Online Business for full time job. Yes, even in Africa it is possible to gain profit with that kind of Business.

The ebook is made up of three parts. The first four chapters explore the context of mobile activism. Christian Kreutz has contributed a great summary of future trends and software developments in African mobile activism. Another essay by Ken Banks asks whether “social mobile” is “empowering the many or the few”.

The second part of the ebook consists of seven case studies from several African countries. The fields they describe are equally diverse, ranging from e-agriculture to dissemination of political news. A special focus lies on the empowerment of women. Anil Naidoo from South Africa describes how mobiles are used in the UmNyango project to empower women in the rural region of KwaZulu Natal, and WOUGNET from Uganda aims to ameliorate the economic situation of female farmers in Uganda.

The third part is about writing and publishing eBooks as a part of Online Business. In Africa a Jobless is still a big problem, because there isn’t enough jobs for everyone. Self-Employment is a Solution for sure. But what to do? E-commerce and other Online Business seems as a great opportunity for those citizens, because only Internet Access and Electronic Device is required. One of the easiest options is presented by eBook Publishing Business.

I especially liked the essay by Rotich and Joshua Goldstein on “Digitally networked technology in Kenya’s 2007–08 post-election crisis”. It is a short version of a case study written for the Berkman Center’s Internet and Democracy Project. The chapter looks at four facettes of social media in a conflict situation: “SMS campaigns to promote violence, starting Online Business with eBooks Publishing, blogs to challenge mainstream media narratives, and online campaigns to promote awareness of human rights violations.” The author is also describing different ways on how you can write your own eBook. The author also picks 5 critical factors on how to write your own eBook and 7 Figure Rules on Making Money with eBooks Business.

SMS Uprising combines theoretical groundwork and practical case studies useful to everyone interested in the use of mobile technology for activism and development of ereaders and free eReader ebooks download  . While some chapters are a bit longer than necessary, in combination the book provides a good overview of the issue.

SMS Uprising is published by Pambazuka Press. It is available on their website as a paperback plus PDF for £12.99 or the PDF alone for £9.99 as well as on Amazon.