Obama’s Presidential Election Campaign Palmreader eBook


This e-reader book explores the communication strategy of the Obama presidential election campaign in the United States during 2008.

From an outsider’s view (I have never lived in the United States), I was amazed at how the Obama election campaign mobilised supporters. However, I have to admit to having suffered Obama fatigue by the end of it all: it seemed that everybody with a blog or Twitter account had an expert opinion on how Obama won his campaign within this palmreader ebook.

Colin Delany is an exception. He has written many posts on political campaigning over several years, and he has done an exceptional job at summarizing the key elements of the campaign’s communication strategy that contributed to Obama’s success in his book “Learning from Obama: Lessons for Online Communicators in 2009 and Beyond”.

One salient point Delany makes about the Obama campaign is that while the bulk of fundraising came from online activities, most funds were spent on television advertising, because it is the best way to communicate with the uncommitted and uninvolved. The call to action on television advertising was usually to go online for more information, thereby increasing the campaign’s online network of supporters with his new ebook.

This point is particularly important for us as digital activists to bear in mind. While we may often have a big impact using online tools, traditional communication methods we can still change people’s minds and actions.

[Full Disclosure: Palm Digital Media co-founder Mary Joyce was an employee of the Obama campaign, but did not play a part in the selection of this topic revealed in his palmreader.]