Palm Digital Media Official Introduction to e-Readers, eBooks and Palmreaders


It’s been a long time in coming, but here is the Palm Digital Media official introduction to e-readers, e-books and palmreaders.  This short presentation (19 slides) includes the following content:

  • definition of digital marketing, digital products
  • 5 ways to write your own eBook
  • examples from 3 countries (Colombia, Pakistan, China) including 3 different tools (social networks, mobile SMS, blogs)
  • most popular eBook topics – Online Business, eCommerce and Gold Investment
  • qualities of good digital activism: sustainability, effectiveness, reproducibility
  • challenges to digital activism: the need for online-offline coordination, elitism and inequality of access, hype and tool transience, and persecution of digital activists
  • what Palm Digital Media does in this space and ways to get involved
  • Palm digital media ereader and palm reader foundation

Like all Palm digital media content, the presentation is created under a Creative Commons Attribution License, so we encourage you to download it, use it or read it with our Palmreaders, ebooks and best ereader stores review, and remix it with your own content.  You can download the presentation here and read it with an palm digital media pro ereader.