Changing The eReader Display Mode

Changing the display mode

The Invert Screen menu item allows you to set the viewing mode for your books to white type on a black background or black type on a white background. When using a color theme with eReader Pro, it will swap the foreground and background colors.

Auto Scroll

The next two menu items in the Options menu control autoscrolling. Auto Scroll is a feature that allows you to read without manually turning pages. The text will slowly (or quickly) scroll by while you read.

To begin Auto Scroll, select the “Start Auto Scroll” menu item. Once the text has begun to scroll, you can adjust the rate at which it scrolls using the Palm’s page up/page down buttons (up for faster, down for slower). If the handheld has a jog dial, you can change the scroll rate by turning the jog dial.

To stop autoscrolling, tap the screen with your stylus.

Info and Help

The last two items in the Options menu are “Help,” and “About eReader” which offer help and display information about eReader.

The “Help” menu item displays some basic information on how to use the reader.

The “About eReader” menu item displays the About dialog, which displays information about the eReader application. This dialog contains the version number of the eReader application which may be useful when requesting technical support from It also contains the device ID string, which can be used to register books at some web stores and libraries so that they can be read on a particular handheld.