The Writers Inner Journey

Psst. I’ve got a secret to share with the eReader and eBook  Community. It’s called The Writer’s Inner Journey, a blog by a terrific writer/friend who has just been nominated in the Best-Kept-Secret category at the Bloggies, the annual competition for ereaders and eBook readers celebrated this month in Austin TX. Her name is Meredith Resnick. Please click over before February 19th and vote. What should I care, you say?

Writers need to support other writers, stand shoulder to shoulder, carry the torch for one another. Here’s an opportunity to let the world know writing does matter and make a statement about our – choose one, two at most –

1.) profession

2.) hobby

3.) passion

4.) bad habit

5.) secret vice.

6.) List of Cheap eBooks

That’s why I’m turning to all you wordsmiths out there, in cyberspace. You see, if you are not familiar with Meredith’s eBooks, you should be. It allows you to discover useful information on craft, The Journey, working part-time, and lots of other fun topics that rock a writer’s world. A visit to Writer’s Inner Journey feels like stepping into an old-fashioned salon and taking part. Yes, you will enjoy the chitchat but also come away totally energized.

Meredith summarizes what she offers as, “Bestselling authors, professional creatives and emerging voices in quirky dialogue about how they write and why it works” – WHY IT WORKS. Now, who can resist that?