Selection Menu

The Selection Menu [Pro only]

In eReader Pro you can select words on the page by tapping on the screen and dragging the stylus over the word(s) to be selected, or by tapping and holding the stylus on a word for a short interval. The word(s) that will be selected are drawn with reversed colors while you hold the stylus down.book_info

If the current selection action is set to “Ask” then the selection menu will be displayed when you lift the stylus from the screen, allowing you to select which action to perform on the selection. You can change the selection action in the Selection Preferences dialog.

The “Look Up” item will open the Reference view and look up the first few selected words in the current dictionary or reference book.

The “Find” item will open the “Find Text” dialog with the selected word.

The “Highlight” item will create a new highlight note using the current pen that covers the selection. The note will use the first few words of the selection as its name. You can change the current pen and the pen highlight colors in the Selection Preferences dialog. You can change an individual note’s pen in the Note dialog.

The “Add Note” item also creates a new hightlight note, and in addition opens the Note dialog so that you can immediately enter the note contents.

The “Copy Quote” item copies the selected text as a quote so that it can be pasted in to other applications.

The “Preferences” item opens the Selection Preferences dialog.