The next set of menu items pertain to Bookmarks.

To display a list of bookmarks that have been created for this book, choose the Bookmarks menu item from the Go menu.

To add a new bookmark, choose Add Bookmark.

Bookmarks are explained fully in the section on that subject.


Next in the Go menu are items that concern Notes.

Similar to the bookmark menu items, “Notes” and “Add Note” display a dialog of notes and allow creation of a new note, respectively.

For more information on notes, please see the Notes section of this documentation.

Movement through a book

The next group of menu items in the Go menu allow you to go to a specific page or chapter, and quickly navigate to the beginning or end of the book.

Choosing the “Go To Page” menu item is the same as tapping the progress bar; the same dialog is displayed for picking a page number to go to.

The “Go To Chapter” menu item displays a dialog containing a list of chapters in the book. Select one of the chapters and tap the Go button to go to the first page of that chapter.

Choose “Go To Beginning” to display the first page of the book. Choose “Go To End” to display the last page of the book.

Going back after following a link

The last item in the Go menu is “Back.” This item is only useful when reading books that contain links.

After tapping a link, choose “Back” from the Go menu to go back to the page you were on before you tapped the link. Choose “Back” again to go to the page that the link displayed. The Back menu item doesn’t do anything unless a link in the current document has been followed.