Turning Pages

Turning Pages

There are several ways to turn pages in eReader:

  • Tap the screen
  • Press the page up/page down buttons (if available)
  • Use the jog dial (if available)
  • Use the keyboard (if available)
  • Use auto scroll

You can also navigate to specific pages in the book in several different ways:

  • Use the progress bar
  • Tap a link
  • Use the Go menu

Tap the screen

By default, tapping the bottom half of the screen will display the next page; tapping the top half of the screen will display the previous page.

The preferences dialog may be used to change the default settings so that changing pages is done by tapping the left- and right-halves of the screen, or to turn off page tapping entirely.

Press the page up/page down buttons

The rocker switch is the hardware button or buttons often located in the center of the bottom of the handheld:

Pressing down on the rocker displays the next page; pressing up displays the previous page.

Turn the jog dial

On handhelds that have a jog dial, a jog-down will advance to the next page, and a jog-up will turn to the previous page.

NOTE: Pressing in the jog dial will set or remove a bookmark.

Use the keyboard

On handhelds that have a built-in or external keyboard, you can advance to the next page by pressing the space key, the right arrow key, or the down arrow key. You can go back to the previous page by pressing the backspace key, the left arrow key, or the up arrow key.

NOTE: Pressing the return key will set or remove a bookmark.

NOTE: Changing the screen orientation (see Screen Preferences) of the display may change which direction the page up/down, jog dial, or arrow keys move.

Use Auto Scroll

Auto Scroll can be activated by selecting “Start Auto Scroll” from the Options menu, or by tapping on the down arrow icon in the Toolbar. Once auto scroll has started the pages will scroll by themselves, so you can read long sections of text without having to advance the page manually.

Tap the progress bar

The progress bar at the bottom-right corner of the eReader display shows the current page of the book along with a progress bar indicating how far into the book the current page is.

Tapping on the progress bar brings up the “Go to page” dialog:

This dialog makes it easy to go to any page in the book, either by typing in a new page number, or by tapping and dragging the progress bar to pick a page number.

Tap a link

Links are underlined areas of text that take you to another part of the book when tapped on.

Once a link has been followed, you can return by tapping the left arrow icon in the Toolbar.

NOTE: You can turn off the link underline in the General Preferences dialog. In eReader Pro you can set the color of links in the Edit Color Theme dialog.

Use the Go menu

The Go menu includes many methods for going to a specific location in the book. You can find specific text, go to a bookmark you’ve placed in the book, go to a page which you’ve annotated with notes, go to the beginning of a chapter in the book, and more. The entire Go menu is described fully later in this manual.