Options and Preferences

Options and Preferences

eReader contains many ways of customizing the user interface to better fit you, the user. These options include increasing the font size for easier reading, turning off the tapping sounds and inverting the screen for quiet night-time reading, and many others. These options can be set from the Options menu.

General Preferences

The first item under the Options menu, “General Preferences…” presents a dialog which allows control of sound, turning off the display of various warnings, and other general settings.All Sound Off (Master)

If checked, the eReader operates completely silently (including alerts and dialogs). This is the “read-in-bed-late-at-night-spouse-friendly” option.

Allow Screen Page Tapping

If this preference item is checked, tapping the screen will turn the book’s page. If this option is unchecked, normal page turning is only possible by using the page up/page down buttons.

Audible Page Tapping

If this preference item is checked, turning book pages by tapping the screen will cause an audible sound. Unchecking this item will make page turning behave silently. This is also useful if reading books late at night in the company of a sleeping partner.