Mommy Bloggers Halt Motrin Ad With eBook

When Motrin, an American company that sells pain medication, released a web ad (above) implying that moms who wear their infants in a sling or snuggly were making a fashion statement, moms got mad. Using a variety of online tools, tech-savvy moms protested the ad and called for Motrin to remove it from their site.

Digital Activism Tools: blogs, Youtube (to spread the offensive ad and post commentary), Twitter (a dedicated channel and lots of discussion)

How These Tools Are Being Used: Blogger Amy Gates of Crunchy Domestic Goddess was the first to post about the offensive nature of the Motrin ad on the night of Saturday the 15th. On Sunday afternoon, a dedicated Twitter feed,, was created specifically to spread information (and outrage) about the ad.

Youtube also played a role. Different users uploaded recordings of the offensive ad to make sure it was seen and at least one Mom uploaded a video commentary, calling on Motrin to stop their ad campaign. “My headaches have nothing to do with wearing my baby,” says the vlogger. “That, in fact, actually makes me feel better. My headache, right now, was caused by you.” In addition, one interesting mash-up video, created by One True Media, is composed of tweets from the Twitterfeed and photos of moms wearing their babies.

Outcome: Motrin pulled down the ad on Sunday night (day after the protest began) and issued a blanket apology on their web site (screen shot after the jump).