Twestival – Tweet, e-Read, Meet, Give

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On February 12th, over 175 cities will be holding Twestival events as a fundraiser for Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that works to provide clean and safe drinking water to developing nations. All money raised during the event will be used to drill wells which can cost anywhere from $4,000 – $12,000. Twestivals are a new opportunity for people everywhere to take action at a local level in order to collectively help the global movement.

Digital Tools Being Used: Twitter

How These Tools Are Being Used: Twitter is rapidly gaining popularity and pushing into mainstream media. The idea of doing Twestivals came from a group of people who knew each other through twitter. The event is a combination of a twitter meetup and a fundraiser. This idea can be easily replicated for any organization, grassroots group and/or cause. The internet and social networking sites have made it possible for people to get their cause out to massive amounts of people. This is a great model of activating a large network of people all across the world.

Outcome: The goal of the Twestival is to raise $500,000. Beth Kanter brings up some interesting questions about how the Twestival works and questions if this is a massive opportunity or just a distraction for nonprofit organizations. I guess we’ll see what the outcomes are after the event is over.