How To Find The Perfect Mastermind For Your Business?

#1. Use Twitter

You can use Twitter to connect with masterminds. For instance, you can reach out to some masterminds, asking whether they would be interested in joining a mastermind group. Alternatively, you can simply post on your Twitter (and Facebook as well) your idea and what you are looking, encouraging people interested individuals to contact you.

And if you do not have ample connections, you can use tools such as FollowerWonk to search for individuals that meet the profile based on the words they have on their bio. This is generally an effective way of finding people to connect with. However, in this case, it is exceptionally effective when it comes to meeting masterminds.

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#2. Make Use Of Facebook Groups

You can use Facebook Groups to connect with masterminds. To find groups with great potential for finding masterminds, just search Groups with terms such as freelancing, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other similar terms. There is a good guide on how to find a perfect mastermind at –  this website has been moved to

Once you become a member of one or two Facebook groups, you can share your idea with other members simply post that you are looking for other masterminds to join a group of like-minded people. However, make ensure that the groups are not spammy and the dominating content is not self-promoting content so as to attract the right people.

It is common for freelancers to create their own Groups that they supplement their website. If you have used a blog or website with an opt-in request such as “join Our Community”, then you have seen this strategy in action. You can use these opt-in request to find mastermind. For instance, if you find a website or blog helpful, more often than not you will resonate with the group members of that website Facebook Group.

#3. Ask People

Another way to go about it is to simply ask people. You can do this in person, in groups, in forums, on your social media channels. There is no harm in asking whether a person is interested in being a member of your mastermind group.

#4. Use Your Website

Another effective to go about it is to write a blog post explaining your idea and purpose of setting up a mastermind group. You can also read this article at gfk (URL has been moved to Ask people to contact you if they are interested. Alternatively, just an infographic to the sidebar of your website or blog and advertise your idea.

#5. Paid Masterminds

Creating a mastermind group with your friends and colleagues is a good first step. However, to progress, you should consider joining a paid mastermind program as it comes with above par support and accountability. Given that you are investing in the program, you will be more motivated to succeed. Importantly, your investment will give you access to coaches and leaders who know something that you do not know. As such, they can guide your progress.

To this end, follow renowned coaches and determine whether they offer paid mastermind programs. It is important that you choose a program you can get one-on-one time with the coaches. Such interactions will spur your growth tremendously.

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