How To Install eReader on Your Pocket Pc?

Michelle Rafters recent post about how to install eReader softwares to your personal computer. Ive been freelancing full-time since 2008 and in that time, Ive never used an eReader software for my business. I suspect that in the near future, except in areas with really spotty internet and cell service, landlines could go the way of the 8track and the dodo bird.

Its crazy how fast things change nowadays because I grew up in a house with a rotary dial phone, and my mother didnt even think to update it until one of my classmates said, umm Mrs. Johnston, how does this thing work? when she tried to dial out. Thats my thoroughly modern mother for you. (She has a cordless phone and a Kobo eReader to read books.)

If, like Michelle, youre thinking about cutting the cord on your landline phone, I say go for it as long as you have a reliable internet connection and decent cell phone reception in the place(s) that you usually work. Thats the beauty of dropping the landline: youre much more mobile because you can take calls almost anywhere (and with headsets or speakers, you dont have to awkwardly cradle the phone against your neck).