Obtaining eBooks

Books for use with eReader can be purchased and downloaded directly from at

Books in eReader format can also be obtained from other websites, but care must be taken to download the book in the correct format, as there are other, incompatible eBook formats available that are not supported by eReader. eReader supports books in older Peanut Reader format, Palm Reader format, and Secure Palm format books.

eReader can also open books in the DOC eBook format, which is often used for public domain eBook titles.

NOTE: All Palm database files (including eBooks) end in .pdb when stored on a desktop computer. The actual data in a .pdb file may be of any type, not just eBooks. When downloading .pdb files for eReader make sure that the contents of the file are in a supported eBook format.

Installing eBooks

Assuming you have installed the Palm Desktop software on your computer, here are the instructions for installing eReader, eBooks, and fonts (if applicable) on your Palm OS device:

NOTE: We deliver our eBooks and fonts to you in a Zip file. Zip is the most popular Internet format for delivering archives of files. Your Zip file contains your eBooks as well as our popular eReader software and, if applicable, fonts.

Two popular tools for opening Zip files are:

  • WinZip [] (Windows)
  • StuffIt Expander [] (Windows, Macintosh and UNIX)

Use one of the above tools to extract the files from the Zip file. Store the files in a folder that you will be able to locate easily. Remember where you have stored your extracted files!

  1. Launch the Palm Desktop tool.
  2. On the left-hand side of the application window you will see “Install.” Click on “Install.”NOTE: On Mac Palm Desktop select “Install Handheld Files…” from the HotSync menu.
  3. A dialog box will pop up. Click on “Add.”
  4. Browse to the files you unzipped. Select eReader.prc (double-click on it).
  5. Click “Done.” Then click OK.
  6. Click “Install” again. Then click “Add.”
  7. Browse to the .pdb file(s) that you unzipped. Those are either the book files, dictionary files, or font files (they all install the same way).
  8. Select one and double-click on it.
  9. Click “Done”. Then click OK. Repeat steps 7 through 9 until you’ve added all your books and/or fonts.NOTE: To quickly install multiple files, open the Install window as above and then drag the files directly from the folder to the list in the Install window.
  10. HotSync your Palm OS device as you normally do.
  11. Launch the eReader software on your Palm OS device. It will prompt you to open a book.

NOTE: The first time you install you will find best eReader review under “Unfiled” applications.

NOTE: When using eReader Pro, font databases must be installed into internal memory in order for them to be available in the Font dialog.