Opening eBooks

Opening eBooks

The first time you launch eReader it will show a list of the books available on your handheld. To open a book, tap on the book title to select it and then tap on the “Open” button.

To restrict the list to books in a single category, tap on the current category in the upper right corner of the screen and select the category name. To show all books, tap on the current category and select “All.”unlock_dialog

The first time you open an encrypted book you will be prompted to enter your unlock information. You must enter your full name and full credit card number exactly as you entered them on the website where you purchased the book. Note that if you included a middle initial on the website you must include it here as well.

After you have entered this information once you will not need to enter it again unless you change your unlock information, move your books to a different computer, or have to delete and reinstall the eReader software.

When you launch eReader again you will be returned to the book you last had open and the page where you were reading. To show the list of books again select the Open item from the Book menu or tap on the small book icon in the Toolbar. You don’t need to close the current book, it will be closed for you when you open a new book.