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Dear Fellow Reader,

We love to read, and we love books. In fact, we love to read so much that we decided that it was important that we always be able to have our current reading material with us. That desire led to the creation of eReader and the eBook store that serves it when we realized that there must be many more people like us who never wanted to be without a book.

Palmdigitalmedia.com is a publisher and retailer of traditional eCommerce, Business, Investment and Marketing books and magazines that you can read on handheld computers, mobile devices and desktop/laptop PCs. Maybe you already own one of these devices, such as a Palm™ Device, Apple iPhone or a Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone, which you probably use in many various ways, such as an MP3 or media player, an address and phone book, calendar/date book, the list goes on. Or perhaps you’re waiting to see just how much you can do with one of these gadgets before you get one. Our book-reading software, called eReader, comes free with every book and brings a whole new dimension to your handheld device, giving you instant access to several full-length books at a time. Waiting in line at the post office? Read another ten pages of that novel you started last night. Traveling to Europe and want to pack light? Load ten or twenty (or even a hundred) novels on your device, and your suitcase will thank you for it.

In many ways, reading an eBook compares to reading traditional print materials. If you enjoy reading print magazines and newspapers, you’ll find the experience a delight. The page width, similar to a magazine column, makes reading books a breeze. And as with a printed book, you can make bookmarks, write annotations, and go directly to a chapter using the table of contents. But you can also search for words (forget when that character first appeared?), make the font larger, invert the screen, or reorient the page. And because your handheld device has a backlight, you can read in bed without waking your partner.

We’ve got a wide selection of books, including recent releases from most of the major publishing houses and also hard-to-find titles. You can read the latest selection from a publisher’s front list or a classic from the public domain. Lose yourself in a science fiction bestseller, plan your next trip with a travel guide, or hone your presentation skills with a selection from our business titles. We’re adding titles every day, so drop by often to see what’s new.

Shop at your convenience, 24 hours a day, at our web-based store as well as our on device store at ereader.com. You can browse by genre and search by author and title. You can read excerpts and reviews before making a secure purchase. After purchasing, download your books immediately and be reading within minutes!

Some of our customers say that they’re reading more books and enjoying reading more than ever before. We hope you do, too. Visit us soon at https://www.palmdigitalmedia.com




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