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Now You Own An E-Book Reader It’s Time To Get Some eReader Books


Music and video fans will recall the expense and frustration of reinvesting in the same album or movie time and time again, as technology evolved and new formats were developed. Many people have purchased the same album on cassette, vinyl, compact disc and digital download.

Now that you have purchased an eBook reader, you potentially face the same prospect of buying  some of the latest eReader books that you already own, simply to get them onto your device. Although some e-books can be cheaper if you are an avid reader the costs can quickly mount up. This problem can be further magnified by the fact that you cannot pick up e-books cheaply in flea markets, or in second-hand shops.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of places where you can obtain thousands of top quality reading material for free. Admittedly, some of these ereader books may not include the latest releases or cutting edge thrillers, but for readers, on a budget, they provide an unlimited source of top quality books to read and enjoy.

The Amazon Kindle Store eReader Books

Amazon self-publishing has provided aspiring authors with the opportunity to get their work published quickly and easily. No longer do they need to get a book deal with a big publisher, and this arrangement means that they are free to set their own pricing and decide on the best way to develop their own career.

The negative part of the Amazon Kindle Store is the sheer volume of ebooks that are published on the platform; it can be challenging to get your book noticed. Many authors have taken to Twitter to publicize their work or other innovative and imaginative solutions, but perhaps the best option for writers and readers alike is to offer the first book in a series for free. Yes, you read that right, totally free. The hope is that once you enjoy the first book and get to know the style of the stories and the characters, that you will want to continue with the series and will purchase subsequent eReader books.

This means that there are thousands of books available in the Kindle store, which can be downloaded and read free of charge. In fact, it is probably fair to say that if you wanted, you could never buy another book for the rest of your life, and still not run out of books to read. For anyone who has purchased a Kindle, or uses the Kindle apps this is a treasure trove of literature, and there are some fantastic books available for your enjoyment.

Google E-Book Store

Never one to miss an opportunity, Google the search engine giant, has also launched their own bookstore, and likewise, they also offer a large selection of free books. These books can be downloaded onto any Android or IOS devices. The free books can be found here.

Borrow eReader Books From Your Local Library Without Leaving Your Home

Libraries have always been a popular destination for readers, and the advent of E-book readers has not diminished their importance. Simply download an app called Overdrive, register using your library details, and you will then be able to borrow e-books from your library for the designated period. In the same way that a traditional library works, you do not own these books, and after the selected period provided you do not renew the loans, the books will no longer be available for you to read. This is beneficial both to the environment, but also to the consumer, as there is no need to physically visit the library to obtain or return your books. There may be some restrictions on the titles you can borrow. Indeed some e-books may only be available on a proper Kindle device, rather than one of the apps. But the benefits of this system far outweigh any limitations, and this is yet another way to access a large number of books totally free. Contact your local library to confirm they take part in the Overdrive scheme and then you are ready to go.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a fantastic website which makes available books free of charge. These ebooks can be legally offered free due to their age; the vast majority of them will be copyright expired. It is important to note that the copyright details on the Gutenberg site specifically relate to the United States, so it is worth checking the copyright status in your own country if you live elsewhere than America. At the time of writing, there were over 55,000 books available, many of which are masterpieces, such as virtually all of the Charles Dickens books for instance. Although you will not find any recently released books, there are still many fantastic books available all free of charge.



Although not as vast or well known as Project Gutenberg, operates on a similar principle, but the website is a lot more modern and easier to navigate. At the time of writing, they had over 33,000 different new list of eReader Books available, and this number continues to grow on an almost daily basis. The site is certainly more interactive than Gutenberg, for instance, they recommend the top six books about time travel, and provide numerous other ideas that might spark your imagination.

e-Reader Books have changed the way a large proportion of the world’s population consume their books, but by using some of the fantastic resources mentioned above, finding unlimited books to install on your eBook reader, need not break the bank. Hopefully, you will have learned of a few different resources as a consequence of this article, but we do not claim to know of every source of free LEGAL books, so if you are aware of any other sites, feel free to leave them in the comments below.