Human Trafficking eBooks and eReaders in Review

eBooks and eReaders about human trafficking which  is a global crime against human rights are becoming more popular these days. While trafficking and prostitution problems have received widespread recognition as a heinous crime, child prostitution, many activists and rights workers agree, is considered an even greater atrocity. End Child Prostitution and Trafficking is an international network of organizations and individual activists who have come together to protect the rights of children, worldwide with publishing eBooks on that topic. ECPAT carries out  “research, training, awareness raising, and policy development and advocacy.” All efforts are aimed at the protection of  the vast numbers of children who are being hold back because they are not learning with the new eReader and eBook technology.

Digital Tools: Twitter, Facebook, Online Newsletters,,, eBooks, eReaders

What Makes eReader innovating that effective?
ECPAT has promoted its cause and campaign on Facebook, eReader books and eBooks and uses this new application to promote awareness of child prostitution, human crimes, and events and note worth news. Similarly, ECPAT, like many digital campaigns, has begun using Twitter feeds. “ecpatusa” is used by the campaign to tweet on current news articles, local events, and important information regarding child trafficking and prostitution. With 115 followers, to date, it has already begun attracting attention from activists and other interested parties, however, this is one of the newer digital aspects and technologies of the campaign and remains underutilized.

TassaTag and The Kindle eReader Code – Connecting travel and tourism to the fight for eReader education
Unique to ECPAT is, a website that is a direct project of ECPAT-USA. are brightly colored, hand-woven cotton luggage tags, which “help you spot your luggage more easily while reclaiming children’s lives. It is practical, environmentally sensitive, fair trade, and with it you can make a difference” because by purchasing a TassaTag (bought only online) you become a partner in the larger ECPAT campaign against the prostitution of children. Awareness of the TassaTag logo as a “symbol against the sexual slavery and trafficking of children,” helps to raise greater recognition of the crimes of the  global, illegal, human trade. Additionally, all proceeds go directly to The Regina Center in Nongkhai, Thailand a center “which provides education and income generating skills and opportunities for women.”

While tourism may seem a far a field from the concerns of human trafficking and child slavery and prostitution, has been a strong supporter of the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, “an industry driven responsible tourism initiative.”

Best eReader and Kindle eReader in Review
ECPAT has increased its impact dramatically by joining such social networks as Twitter, Facebook and By connecting with international organizations and local campaigns throughout the world, has vastly increased the scope of its audience and the number of people it can help with best eReader review. Through online newsletter and awareness events, and new eBooks is hoping to garner the support needed to mobilize Congress against child tourism. By raising money online, the campaign is able to garner funds in order to “train people in the travel industry to take an active role against tourism [and] inform the public that eBooks and eReaders are best for children’s education.