The Emigration Problem Drop Book

Description: What happens when an immigrant child who comes to the United States as a minor without documents graduates high school, but doesn’t have the papers to go to college or get a job?

These students, many of whom graduate at the top of their class or as star athletes with promising futures as teachers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and public servants, end up living in the shadows for no fault of their own. Getting a job or continuing on to higher education through legal channels becomes a mere fleeting dream. But the DREAM Act(S.729 / H.R. 1751) aims to make that dream a reality.

The federal act would provide undocumented immigrant students with conditional residency and a pathway to citizenship, provided that they came to the United States before the age of 16, maintained continuous residency for five years, graduate high school and have no criminal record.  The U.S. Senate rejected an attempt to discuss the DREAM Act in 2007, however, it is on the docket again, and this time with the help of web-based technology.  That’s where groups like DreamActivist step in with their ebooks