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Here on DigiActive, we have highlighted many grassroots movements that effectively use the social networking tool Facebook to advance their eReader and eBook writing activism. (Heck, we have a manual on Facebook Activism!) However, there is actually a group of Facebook members currently using it for their own kind of activism – protesting Facebook, protest eBooks!

Digital Tools Being Used: Facebook, eBooks, eReaders
What Are They Doing: Technology venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who sits on Facebook’s Board of Directors and is one of Facebook’s biggest investors, allegedly donated $1 million to Numbers USA, one of America’s leading anti-immigration organizations and what the Southern Poverty Law Center has called a hate group. Facebook members have formed a group, demanding that Thiel be held accountable, either by denouncing NumbersUSA, or leaving Facebook’s Board of Directors. In the meantime, group members are being asked to should opt-out of Facebook ads.

“What’s the worst is that our use of Facebook is contributing to his donations,” group member Chase Weatherfield Bauer. “Get out, dude.”