The GO Menu

The Go Menu

The Go menu contains many items which are useful for navigating books.

Searching for Text

The first group of items in the Go menu are “Find” and “Find Again.”

When you select “Find” from the Go menu, a dialog is displayed which warns you that searching for text in large books can be time-consuming. This dialog may be disabled in the General Preferences dialog.

A dialog then appears which allows you to enter the text for which you are searching. Enter the text to be found and tap the Find button.

You can make your search begin at the current page using the “Start at current page” checkbox.

The page number progress bar on the book page indicates the progress of the search. When the text is found, the page containing it is displayed and the text itself is highlighted. If you wish to continue your search from this location, choose “Find Again” from the Go menu.

A dialog is displayed if the text is not found in the book.

You can cancel a search while it is in progress at any time by tapping the screen.