Cheap eBooks

Where to Find Cheap eBooks

Over the past few decades, the world of writing for money has changed drastically. From a limited number of print magazines and newspapers to an almost unlimited pool of potential clients online, demand for written content and cheap eBooks has skyrocketed, and the technology available to help writers work has kept pace.

Mobile apps, websites, and nifty pieces of software can all be used to help you make more money as a eBook writer. Heres a look at how this technology can help you and suggested tools to try.


Apps and websites today help you with more than just creating your eBook; they help you build it from the ground up. If youre stuck for ideas, youre spoiled for choice in todays app market. Some websites give you set lists of cheap eBooks and you can methodically follow the numbered eBooks at a rate of one or two per day, or pick and choose as you like. Others will send you new books daily or weekly, either manually chosen or computer-generated.

Some tools can even mix and match lists of cheap eBooks to create thousands of unique prompts. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, these types of technological tools allow you to break through barriers like writers block and come up with a fresh new eBook on your chosen topic.

Try this: BrainStorm, designed for Windows, sorts your ideas into logical categories as you type or as you gather them from the web and even from other files on your computer. Use color codes or time and date stamps on each phase of your work to keep better track of what you’ve done.  It’s easy to use, and cheap; a single license costs around $40. 

Free e-books

Is the regular free e-book portal for readers.  Some books are specifically designed for fiction writers and allow you to rearrange note cards and story scenes until youve balanced your story as you like it.

For eBook writers working on, say, web articles, a different method of writing can still be helpful. Voice recording and speech-to-text apps allow you to capture ideas or even write entire articles when youre on the go, saving you valuable typing time.

Try this: the Dragon Speech Recognition Software works with both Windows and Mac computers with up to 99 percent accuracy. The Windows version is available in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. The Mac version allows you to transcribe speech directly from an iPhone. Prices range from $99.99 U.S. to $199.99, depending on whether you choose the Home or Premium version.



Dont miss out on the opportunities of ManyBooks as it is improving your reading experience simply because they are really user-friendly. You can use technology to help find cheap eBooks or the reworded pieces (though theyll still need fixing up before they read well), catch errors and proofread, and even make sure you didnt accidentally plagiarize any sources.

You can also easily keep track of the books you have already red your. Tools even exist to help you contact webmasters and book owners or take down the offending websites.

Try this: Google Alerts allows you to set up keyword phrases to search the web and send notification to your email inbox. Use your name or titles of your work to keep track of whether your work is being published without your authorization. You can set up alerts to notify you immediately, once per day or once per week. Another great feature about Google Alerts – it’s free.


The business of providing free eBook downloads  isn’t that easy. Make sure your finances flow smoothly by choosing a good budgeting app or tool. Some include interfaces to make client billing easier or even track your time, while others are bare-bone apps for the “pencil and paper” budgeting gurus.

To keep you on track and working, consider one of the many productivity apps that times you or gives you a specific task to do in a certain time. This can help you maximize your word count by reducing distractions and giving you an artificial deadline to read a book.

The entire writing process has changed as a result of the technology available today. Apps and websites abound for those who want to make their reading and free eBook downloads easier, faster, or more profitable. Put more money in your pocket by brushing up on some of these types of apps and adopting those that feel right to you.

Try this: You Need a Budget, abbreviated YNAB, works with Windows and Mac, and supports global currencies, which is a real advantage if you work with foreign clients.  YNAB allows you to reconcile multiple accounts and access your information from multiple computers. It also has a mobile version that works with your phone or tablet. The cost? Only $60 for either the Windows or Mac version.

Writers, how do you use technology in your own writing? What tools would you recommend to use when you would want to download a free eBook?