How To Build and Run a Successful Search Engine Marketing Agency?

Is it time to start setting up a brand-new SEM agency from the ground up? Do you already have your hands on a small-sized SEM agency?


In general, I love the idea of a great SEM and SEO agency that is small in size. Why is this the case? It means the agency is going to put in the time to work hard for each client. The business is going to put in the time needed to go the extra mile for each client as a way to win new clients and keep old ones. As a professional in the world of digital marketing, I have years of experience and understand the differences between agencies.

With all of the information I’ve accumulated over the years, here are some of the most important tips I have for anyone looking to set up a new SEM agency.

1) Create a Solid Technological Foundation

Anyone that is going to be operating a small-sized SEM agency needs to maximize their resources. You are not going to have the resources to make mistakes. With a boutique agency, you want to be as efficient as possible and it begins with your technological setup. Anyone that has the best technology is going to have a leg up and that is going to win over clients quickly. A good example of this would be using Acquisio Dashboard Edition. It is a good technological solution and will work well for managing campaigns as a boutique agency. Everything is automated and that always helps! Take advantage of the Acquisio Dashboard Edition and make it your own.

2) Build a Wonderful Set of Clients

Yes, you are not going to have a lot of clients to work with at first. This means you want to bring in the best to help push your agency to the next level. This is one of the most important things to focus on as you look to build a solid business. You should always handpick clients. This means you want to head over to LinkedIn and start to find clients that are worth spending time on. A good way to do this is to look at some of your previous contacts in the industry (i.e. a company you worked with). This is a good foundation for you to launch forward from!

3) Never Cut Corners With Your SEM Agency

Every second person calls themselves a digital marketing expert. This is common in all parts of the world with so many social media specialists popping up. You have to be selective. You want to be super vigilant when it comes to outsourced work. In fact, you shouldn’t be outsourcing at all! You always want to be known as a customized SEM agency that personalizes every last detail. This is how people are going to trust you over the long-term. Your reputation is everything and one bad step can ruin everything.

4) Put in the Effort Every Day

With any business, you need to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make it work. This means you are going to be working odd hours and you are going to be going at it 100 miles per hours. You want to emphasize marketing, setting up a great corporate structure, and moving forward with something that’s meaningful. This is how you are going to set up a great SEM agency. However, it begins with those long hours!

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