How to Make Money Online With Your Own eBook

How Can You Make Money Online Selling Your Own eBook?

After gaining a lot of experience with my own eBook in the last few months, I decided to share them with you so you will be able to start making money online with your own eBook. With eBook, you can start your own online business, which can become your full time job. This article is about creating your own eBook and what you have to pay attention to.eBook as Online Business

Why should you write an ebook at all?

First, the question arises, why you should write an ebook at all? After all, it takes a lot of effort and you spend a lot of time without knowing exactly how well the eBook will sell. You have more or less something in your hand that you can show to others. An own eBook helps to make a name and make new contacts. It also enhances your image as it is something special. With an eBook, you can help other people and build loyal fans and supporters. Of course, you can also earn money with an eBook, and if you do it right, it can lead to a permanent income. But of course, you should not rush straight to the keyboard with dollar signs in your eyes. There is no guarantee of success and certainly not great returns. There is always some risk involved in writing an eBook, which can be minimized. And remember, it’s a valuable experience, and you can learn so much.

Why don’t more people write eBooks?

That’s a good question with different answers possible. So many shy away from the hassle associated with creating an eBook. After all, you spend a lot of time on an eBook, before you can profit from it in one way or another. Others are afraid of the public, since an eBook often sets other standards and expectations than, for example, blog articles. Especially when the eBook costs money, many readers are understandably more critical. Many eBooks are garbage or overpriced, but of course, this is also an opportunity to stand out positively. But also certain legal requirements and risks when selling eBooks scares off some. All of these concerns are justified but can be easily overcome through a variety of measures and best practices.

What are eBooks?

E-books are digital – Online Books. The main advantage of e-books for the customer is that they can be conveniently and quickly downloaded from the Internet and used immediately after payment, unlike, for example, genuine books where you must wait to be shipped, etc. For the seller of e-books – you – there are other crucial advantages. On the one hand, due to their digital nature, e-books are of course infinitely copyable (after a single creation) and can, therefore, be sold without additional costs. On the other hand, as a provider of e-books, you can completely automate the entire process from the order via the payment process to the delivery of the goods. This means that once you have set up and set up an e-book project, you can start earning money automatically. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not so much the content and/or quality of a product that determines how well it’s sold, but rather the marketing it promotes. Of course, the content should be such that it solves the customer’s problem, but you should not be a perfectionist.

How I start my Online Business and Making Money Online with eBooks?

For some time I have been thinking of writing and publishing an eBook by myself. However, it stayed as a project for a long time. There were several reasons for this. For one thing, I was more than busy with my blogs and websites, so for a long time, writing an eBook was not that high on my priority list. Also, I wanted to find a suitable topic for my first eBook to increase the chances of success. I was choosing between Cryptocurrency or Online Business eBooks and the last one won. With the eCommerce the right topic was found because many people are looking forward their own Online Business these days and that is how I started making money online with my own eBook.

Do not underestimate the positive effects of a deadline. If you do not have an appointment at which the eBook must be finished, then you like to push the work away. However, since I had announced that the eBook would be released on time for the eCommerce Conference 2017, this naturally put me under pressure. That helped me to get in the gears. The last point that held me back for a long time was the legal aspects. However, I found a solution that has managed the problem out of the world.

At the beginning of 2017, it was finally time for me to publish my first eBook with Online Business Tips & Tricks. This was preceded by a couple of exhausting months, but it was also fun when I saw the eBook grow. I have had very good experiences. And it has also paid off financially, I have earned more than $28,000 with it till now.

Is it Possible to Reach $100,000 in a Year through Amazon and Drop shipping?

In theory, it is possible to build a 7 figure online business with drop shipping. But in reality, it’s not an easy job to start making money online selling eBooks. So how can you earn $100,000 from Amazon? The bill is relatively simple: you need 15 eBooks at $2.99, which sell at least ten times a day. This will cost you about $300 per day, that is $9,000 per month – and $108,000 per year (probably a bit more, because sales in December will increase significantly). Is this realistic? I think so. You do not need a real bestseller. Bestsellers are overrated. The midlist is underestimated. If you manage to place a corresponding number of titles in the top 1000, you have your ten sales per day already in the box. However, you must do this strategically – which may not suit your self-image as a writer.

The second option you could choose is to follow Adrian Morrison’s drop shipping strategy described in his latest course called eCom Success Academy. Despite Amazon, there are several other platforms on the market with even lower selling fees than Amazon. Adrian Morrison’s strategy is based on Shopify and Facebook adds and he is teaching his students how to successfully build a 7 figure business around that strategy. You can check the eCom Success Academy official website for more info: or read the official eCom Success Academy review by GFKAmerica
7 Figure eBooks Business

The 7 Figure Business Rules To Start Making Money Online With Your eBook Business

Figure number 1: Write Niche Titles!

To keep your book permanently in the top 1000, it must not belong to the genre of crime/thriller, fantasy or humor. These categories are so crowded that you quickly fall out of the top 100 in the genre – and lose almost every visibility. How about a nonfiction book instead? Look at the relevant rankings, which sells well. I believe that the most interesting topics these days are Online Business, eCommerce, Gold Investments, Cryptocurrencies, etc. To name just a few of them. Because people are looking to run an Online Business from their home sofa.

Figure 2: The Title of the e-Book

In the beginning, you should think about which title to give to your e-Book. It should be a title that you are convinced will really arouse the interest of future clients. If you write an eBook with eCommerce tips for Beginners, you should think about attractive Title, such as: How to start successful 7 Figure Online Business, How to start your own eCommerce Story, How to run $100,000 Online Business from Home Sofa, etc.

Number 3 Figure: Sales Phrases for the Landing Page

A sales page focuses on just one product and describes the benefits the potential customer has when buying it. So the most important thing for a sales page is to answer the question that every visitor to the sales page will ask: “What will happen to me when I buy the product?”. With answer: You will be able to run successful Online Business in less than a year, for example. But what does that mean for the creation of our e-book? Quite simple: Take a sheet of paper and write about 10 to 20 sales phrases to answer that question. Do not just write down phrases that fit your topic, but try to phrase those phrases in such a way that they really make your prospects curious.

Figure 4: The First Chapters of your eBook are already done

If you worked through step 2 completely as described above and have now formed about 10 to 20 sales sets, then ideally you have – without realizing it – completed 20 main chapters of your future e-book. All these phrases form their own over points, to which you should now devise a few more sub-points. The best way to do that is as follows: Take each set of sales and think of matching terms and phrases (statements) that fit the main theme. Write these sub-items under the respective upper category.

Figure 5: Write Fast!

Do not expect your book to become a bestseller. To land at the top of the charts takes a lot of patience and a lot of luck. I always come up with titles that have the makings of a bestseller: excellently written, published at the right time, well marketed – and yet they do not stand out. That’s it. Write the next book! If you want to implement the $100,000, you need a lot of iron in the fire. Namely at least ten, better still the mentioned 15. For this, you should not need more than a month or two. I hear your loud protest. Eight weeks for a whole book? Well – you do not write a novel. An eBook from the non-fiction section, which you offer as an eBook for $2.99, does not have to have 300 pages. 100 pages are enough, so the price-performance ratio is right. Remember a printed paperback costs at least ten dollars. The reader does not feel cheated with 100 pages. This is also the typical editorial scope of a magazine – and that usually costs more. So you have to write two pages daily for about 50 days.

Rule Figure number 6: Let Others work for you!

You can probably write well and know how to do Online Business. Otherwise, you would probably not read our blog. A great tool for getting exposure is to utilize a guest posting service and get your business in front of readers of blogs. However, even if you are truly a universal talent, the plan will not work if you do all the work by yourself. You need a great cover, a neatly edited and corrected text and finally a technically flawless eBook. For all this, some specialists spend far less time on these tasks than you do. For a cover, you have to expect, depending on the provider, around 50 to 500 dollars. A proofreading of a professional is available from $4 per standard page. With a 100-page book, you are thus with 400 bucks here. For the eBook creation usually, fall to less than $100.

Last Figure 7 –as a Bonus rule: Do not believe anyone!

I hope I could give a plausible explanation of the plan outlined above. But that should not stop you from pursuing your own favorite project, writing slowly, doing it all yourself – it’s not at all impossible for you to end up a bestseller in this your very own way. The miserable path does not exist. Maybe you should even submit your manuscript to a few agents or publishers (just beware of grant publishers) – Self Publishing is not the future, it’s one of the publishing channels of the future.

For the end, you should take a watch of the following video – Turn an eBook into 6-Figure Business:

2017 eBook Reader Buyers Guide – What You Need To Know About?

ebook Reader and eReader Buyers Guide – Read Our Full Review To Find Your Personal Choice

In recent years reading has experienced a bit of a renaissance, thanks in no small part to the invention of ebook readers. eBooks are portable electronic devices, that come in many different shapes and sizes, and are designed with one sole purpose in mind; to deliver the best reading experience for the user. They are extremely light, portable and offer excellent battery life. For the avid reader, they are the perfect holiday companion, as they enable the user to take an entire library of books with them, without the inconvenience, size, and weight typically associated with dead tree books.


There Are Two Distinctive Choices In eReader and eBook Stores – Amazon Kindle eReader and Kobo eReader

Amazon Kindle e books and ereaders come in two distinctive flavors, the hardcore e-ink black and white reading devices, and the color tablet computer-style. The dedicated readers which use e-ink have outstanding battery life, with some lasting over a month on a single charge, and providing many thousands of page turns. Although some of these devices offer additional features sure as a music player, their total focus is on the reading experience. For dedicated readers, this means there are no distractions, no social media interruptions or temptations and consequently the experience becomes significantly more immersive. There is also some evidence to show that people who suffer from dyslexia, find the reading process significantly easier on an e-ink screen.

The other option is to use a nook ereader, with the appropriate reading application installed. These devices use a backlit screen, which can be quite tiring and not as conducive to long term reading, particularly if you work on a computer during the day. Reading a e-book on a tablet is also a more challenging experience, as the temptation to check your emails or your social media accounts can be hard to resist.

On both types of devices – kindle ereader and nook ereader  pages are turned by using the touch screen, which over time can get dirty, due to greasy fingerprints, so it is important to keep a cloth handy. If you do not like the touchscreen experience, then there are some ereader books that come with hardware buttons, but this will obviously limit your buying options.


How Much do e books and e reader Cost?

Prices of e-books vary drastically, from totally free, to over $30.00 for certain books. Many new authors will allow the first book in a series to be given away, almost as a loss leader, and generally although not always the E-book will be cheaper than the hardback version. On the downside, not every book will be released on ebook, although this is becoming much more unusual. Another advantage of eReaders is that they can be downloaded again onto a new device, so unlike a real book, which can be lost or damaged, ebooks once purchased will always be available to you.

  • Can I Read Anything Else Other Than Books?

Most eReaders will allow magazines and even newspapers to be downloaded to them via a one-time purchase or a subscription model. For one-time purchases, the prices tend to reflect the magazine price; the subscription model offers the potential to make some significant savings.

  • Would An e-Book Reader  Suit Me?

As mentioned above there are some significant advantages to buying an e-Book reader. If your choice of reading material tends to be large heavy books, which are difficult to carry and read, then such a device will solve that problem overnight. Readers also allow you to change the font size, which can be beneficial to people with eyesight problems, and some devices even provide an option to read the book to you, albeit in a computerized voice. Ebook stores certainly offers a lot more options than an old-fashioned book.

Our TOP 10 eReader and Kindle eReader of 2017

The 2017 best e readers in review was initially created by Sony, but they have long since left the marketplace. That is generally due to the overwhelming domination of the market by the Amazon Kindle. Amazon makes a broad range of Kindles, from E-ink readers to inexpensive color versions in a wide range of sizes. Some of these devices come with built in 3g options, which gives you the opportunity to download a new book when you are outside and away from a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Amazon Kindle Voyage
  2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  3. Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight Plus
  4. Amazon Kindle 2016
  5. Kobo Aura One
  6. Kobo Glo HD
  7. Kobo Aura eReader
  8. Sony Reader TS2
  9. Nook Glowlight e-ink e-reader
  10. Amazon Kindle Oasis




The only other major player still in the market is the Kobo ereader. The Canadian company has their own marketplace, which can be found at Although not huge by comparison with the Amazon giant who is producing the best  kindle eReader,  the Kobo ereader  provides welcome competition in the market, ensuring that new developments and ideas are pursued by both companies.


2017 Best e Readers and Kobo Readers in Review – What You Should Take Into Consideration? 

  •  Screen Size

These devices come in a wide range of sizes, and it is important to decide what the primary use of your device will be. The larger the screen size, the better it is likely to be for watching videos or other multimedia, but on the downside, the heavier it may be to hold, and it will be less portable if you want to carry it on the daily commute. If you want the device purely for reading, then an Kindle eReader device will provide a better reading experience, and a significantly longer battery life, but will not provide the option of watching movies or surfing the internet properly. Some of the best  eReaders even have built in backlights, allowing you to read in bed at night without an external light, or disturbing your partner.

  • Is 3G Going To Be Beneficial?

Certain devices come with built-in 3G, but at a cost. It does provide convenience for the user and makes purchasing new books quick and easy regardless of location, but as most people have a smartphone that allows them to share their data plan, the benefits of paying extra for a 3G device are virtually eliminated. In our opinion, the added benefits are far outweighed by the increased costs.

  • Value Vs Quality and Speed

As with all things technology, the more you pay, the better the quality of the components. By increasing your budget, you might get a faster processor, which means that page turns are slightly quicker. The quality of the screen will improve, and the crispness of the text. All of these factors are personal decisions that only you can decide upon. Ensure you spend enough time in the store testing the various devices, and ask about trying them in direct sunlight. This is one of the benefits of buying online, as you have the option of testing the device in your own home without a salesperson hovering.  If you are planning to read on vacation, a screen that suffers badly from the glare of the sun could make it virtually unusable.

The cost of an e book reader has dropped quite quickly in recent years and the quality of the devices has drastically improved. Most devices will last you for a number of years, so if you are an enthusiastic reader it may well be worth spending a little extra money for a higher quality product.  The key decision to make, before any other is whether you want to buy a specialist e-book device, or a more general tablet. Once that decision has been made, then you can evaluate the other semantics and make your decision. Either way, we are sure you will enjoy your new e-book reader and we wish you many hours of happy reading.

In the next series of articles published on we will reveal the secrets of  cheap eBooks and  how to write an eBook.