How to Get Out of a eBook and eReader Slump

3 Ways to Get Out of a eBook and eReader Slump

As with any career or hobby, there are going to be times as a blogger that you hit a wall and just cant seem to come up with something new to write about inside your eBooks. Creative slumps happen to the best of us. One of the most difficult aspects of blogging and eBook writing is coming up with something new, interesting, and creative to write about each day.

Creativity can be a very difficult thing to cultivate from thin air (particularly when it is our job to do so). While creative slumps are a common occurrence among eBook writers, it is nonetheless a hindrance to our blogging success. There are many tricks and tips of the trade that can help eBook writers find new motivation and enthusiasm for their writing. Rather than sitting and staring at a blank word document on your computer screen, hoping that inspiration will strike, try these three tips to get out of that writing slump.

Revisit Old Topics

One of the best ways to discover something new to write about for your new eBook is by revisiting your old posts. Sift through your blog and find a few entries that were particularly popular among your readers or held particular interest for you and re-read them. By revisiting these old posts a new spark may ignite for something along the same topic. If you are not immediately inspired by reading over your old posts, you can consider doing a revisit post. If your views on the topic have changed, you can write on that same topic from your new point of view. This is a great way to get your readers more involved with your eBook. If you pick an old post that got a lot of attention initially, you can invite those same readers to discuss your new point of view on the subject this time around.

Take a Break

Everyone needs a break every now and then. If you find yourself in a serious creative slump, it may be that you are just a little burnt out. Try taking a break. Take a few hours to go do something new. Go for a walk, a bike ride, a short day trip to a new place, or even write for something new other than your eBook. All of these things can help rejuvenate your interest in your own writing and lead you to new and exciting ideas. Obviously, one of the best ways to find new inspiration is by going and doing or seeing something completely new. Take a yoga class at your local gym or go for a hike in the mountains. Something new may be just the thing you need to find that energy for your blogging again.

Check Out Your Competition

Keeping up with your competition is essential for any type of business. When you find yourself in an inspiration slump, go to your competitors blogs. Find out what the latest trend is in your blogging niche and see if it is something that you would wish to contribute to. Of course, you dont want to directly take your competitors ideas, but referencing their articles and then adding your own voice to the conversation is a great way to attract new readers. You can attract the readers of your competitors blog to your site just by discussing the competitors blog post. Getting ideas and inspiration from your competition is usually very successful. You can find a source of cheap eBooks to download everywhere on the internet. However, even if nothing exciting comes to you after glancing through other blogs on the web, staying in tune with your niche is very important in general.