Toolbar Preferences

Toolbar Preferences

The next item in the Options menu controls the appearance of the toolbar.toolbar_pref

The toolbar is a line of small icons at the bottom of the book page display. Most of the toolbar icons perform the same functions as selecting a menu item. The Toolbar preferences dialog contains checkboxes for hiding these icons on the book display page. For more information on the function of each of these icons, see the Toolbar section.

NOTE: There is not always enough space for all of the icons in the toolbar. If they don’t all fit, the icons at the end of the list will not be shown.

You can set the location of the toolbar to be at the bottom or top of the page. You can also hide the toolbar entirely by unchecking the Show Toolbar checkbox. Note that showing or hiding the toolbar will cause the book to be repaginated. You can also choose to use the traditional small icons, or the newer large icons. Changing the icon size may also cause the book to be repaginated.

Screen Preferences

The next item in the Options menu controls the orientation of the text on the handheld.

In this example, the user has chosen to read the book in landscape mode with the handheld’s buttons orientated to the right. This orientation is particularly useful for a right-handed person reading with one hand.

The Page-tapping section of this dialog is used to configure the tapping location for page turning. In this example, tapping the top half of the text on the screen will take the user to the previous page and tapping the bottom half of the screen will take the user to the next page.

To configure the display quality, choose from the two settings (high and low). A low quality setting will sometimes speed up the display of each page. However, choosing low quality will also switch eReader to black and white or 8 bit color, so color options may not be available.

Selection Preferences [Pro only]


The Selection dialog controls how selections and highlighted text are treated in eReader Pro.

When the Action option is set to “Ask” the Selection menu will be shown every time you select text, allowing you to choose which action you wish to perform. If you want to always perform the same action for every selection, set the Action option to that choice.

The Pen option determines which pen is used to highlight the text when you choose a “Highlight” or “Add Note” action after making a selection.

Each of the four pens can have a different color assigned to it. On color devices sections of text that have a note attached to them will be highlighted with the corresponding pen color. You can change the pen assigned to a particular note in the Note dialog.