Maria Beck eReader and eBook Writer

Marla Beck eBook Writing Coach: When eBook writers first come to me for career or life coaching, they typically want help defining a new career direction, taking charge of their freelancing career or discovering new ways to be happy, creative and successful.

Its my job as a coach to walk them through a process of inquiry, dialog and action. I ask provocative questions. My clientsmostly mid-career freelancers do the research. We talk it out and refine their focus. Finally, we craft an action plan and I coach them to adapt their plans to write their own eBook and move through resistance, as needed.

Its in the research and action stages that informational interviewing can be so helpful. (My clients typically use info interviews to build their professional network, learn about new specialties or discover new ways to structure their writing businesses and lives.)

Reaching out for free advice anytime before that, though, is a mistake. Writers who havent strategized or clarified their needs in advance risk dumping it all on the table for a successful and busy writer who might be easily overwhelmed and not particularly interested in or focused on coaching a writer to find clarity, direction and focus. As you and your readers have noted, this kind of free advice-seeking wastes everyones time.

If you really want to launch or boost your writing career, you need someone to help you craft a simple master narrative first. Hire a coach to help you figure out what you want and get you moving forward. Then, seek free advice to fill in gaps as you go.

Dont expect a busy writer to help you define or clarify the big picture of your writing career. A good coach is trained to help you do just that. Fast. You can get free advice on how to write an eBook here.