Hire a eBook Writing Coach

Linda Formichelli: Hiring a eBook writing coach can boost you up the learning curve to help you get a quicker start. Instead of having to consult tons of resources (which you have to find on your own), you can consult one coach who has all this info already stored in her brain or you could buy yourself a course about how to write an eBook from scratch.
I can tell you when you DONT need a writing coach its when you’re just stalling on pitching because youre afraid of rejection. I know eBook writers who take class after class and never actually pitch. The writer who sends the worst pitch in the world has a better chance of getting published than the best writer who never sends anything out because she needs to take just one more class.


I always advise that writers interested in coaching check out the persons credentials to make sure theyre actually in a position to teach you what you want to know. And then CHECK their credentials.

Ive gotten complaints from writers about a magazine writing instructor who claims to have written for national publications, but when one of the complainers looked her up on Lexis-Nexis, she had written for exactly one newsstand pub. You need to make sure the instructor has done what you want to do. If you want to make money writing on food, the instructor should have a thriving food writing career. If you want to publish essays in top magazines, you need an instructor who has done same. (And yes, those instructors are out thereI know them!)

Im passionate about helping writers get published and I get PISSED when I hear of people with few or no creds getting into the teaching game to earn a few bucks.